Principal Certifier (PC)

The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 requires a Principal Certifier (formerly known as the Principal Certifying Authority or PCA) to be appointed before building works commence on a development site.

A Principal Certifier may be a Private Accredited Certifier or a Council.

The Principal Certifier for a development is required to monitor the works throughout construction, including the carrying out of the mandatory critical stage inspections.

At least two days’ written notice must be provided to Council and the Principal Certifier, before commencing building works.

In situations where the works are not being carried out in accordance with the development consent or CDC, the Principal Certifier is required to issue a Written Direction Notice (WDR), so it is critical that works are carried out in accordance with the building approval.

Principal Certifier signage is required to be installed on all building sites.

Only the Principal Certifier for a development can issue the Occupation Certificate.

All mandatory critical stage inspections must be satisfactory to enable an Occupation Certificate to be issued at completion of works.