Did you know that most residential demolition work can be approved as Complying Development?

Most residential demolition work may be approved as Complying Development, rather than requiring a Development Application to be submitted to Council.

Development Applications to Council can take several months to be approved and require a significant amount of documentation to be submitted. However, a Complying Development Certificate can be issued relatively fast, subject to  satisfying the requirements of the SEPP (Exempt & Complying Development Codes) 2008 and fulfilling the minimum required Council/neighbour notification periods that are applicable to the Council area under cl.130AB & cl.136AB of the EPA Regulations.

Complying Development is the fast-track pathway for obtaining formal approval for residential demolition work such as the demolition of a dwelling and ancillary structures, or the demolition and removal of a swimming pool.

Our Certifiers are accredited by the NSW Building Professionals Board and can assist you with the process for obtaining a fast-track Demolition CDC approval.

The EPA Regulations specify the mandatory Council/neighbour notification periods that apply to all Complying Development applications throughout NSW. 

In Sydney metropolitan areas, there is a total minimum of 21 notification days required before works can commence - (ie. 14 days by Certifier 'prior to the issue of the CDC'; followed by 7 days by owner 'prior to the commencement of works').

In other areas of NSW that are outside of Sydney, the EPA Regulations require that owners provide certain neighbours with at least 2 days written notification after the CDC has been issued, and prior to commencement of works.

We have a very simple Demolition CDC checklist that requires a minimal amount of mandatory documentation to be submitted to our Certifier to enable the assessment to be carried out, and for the Complying Development Certificate issued as efficiently as possible.

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