Construction certificates (CC)

We issue Construction Certificates, which are a type of development certificate issued under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

A Construction Certificate is "a certificate to the effect that the building work completed in accordance with specified plans and specifications or standards will comply with the requirements of the regulations".

Once a development consent has been issued by a local Council, a Construction Certificate must be obtained prior to commencing any building work.

Construction Certificates can only be issued by an Accredited Private Certifier, or by a local Council.

As private Accredited Certifiers, we offer a fast and reliable alternative to using the local Council. 

A Construction Certificate verifies that:

  • A valid development consent has been issued by Council
  • The detailed construction plans, engineering plans and specifications are consistent with the development consent, and can satisfy the technical provisions of the Building Code of Australia.
  • Relevant conditions of the development consent have been satisfied ‘prior to the issue of a Construction Certificate”
  • Any Council contributions, security deposits and fees have been paid (if required by the development consent)
  • Long Service Levy payment has been made (if cost of works is $25,000 or more)
  • The fire protection and structural capacity of the building will be appropriate for the buildings use

After a Construction Certificate has been issued, a Principal Certifier (PC) must be appointed.

At least two days’ written notice must be provided to Council and the Principal Certifier, before commencing building works.

NSW Department of Planning and Environment have published a Guide to the Development Application Process.

If you have a Development Consent, and require a Construction Certificate, please contact us today. 


This video by NSW Department of Planning and Environment briefly explains the Development Application process, including obtaining a Construction Certificate.