Complying Development certificates (CDC)

Complying Development allows for fast-track demolition & building approvals without the need for a full merit based Development Application to Council.

We issue Complying Development Certificates, which are a type of development certificate issued under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Complying Development is suitable for low impact developments such as residential demolition work, new dwellings, secondary dwellings (granny flats), alterations/additions, and ancillary structures (decks, awnings, carports, retaining walls, swimming pools etc).

On 6 July 2018, NSW Planning introduced the Greenfield Housing Code & Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code into the SEPP (Exempt & Complying Development) Codes 2008. 

The Greenfield Housing Code simplifies the requirements for one and two storey dwellings in certain new sub-divisions that are identified on a Greenfield Housing Code map. The Medium Density Housing Code enables one and two storey dual occupancies, manor houses & terraces to be Complying Development, providing that 'medium density housing' is permissible within the zone under Council’s LEP. At this stage, the Medium Density Housing Code has be deferred in many Council areas.

To be Complying Development, the proposed development must satisfy the requirements of the SEPP (Exempt and Complying Development) Codes 2008. Land based restrictions such as heritage, bushfire, flood control and the like, may prevent Complying Development being carried out on the land.

The first step to see whether Complying Development may be permissible on your land is to obtain  current s.10.7 Planning Certificate from Council. The Planning Certificate identifies any land based restrictions that are applicable to the site.

If the proposed development satisfies the requirements of the SEPP (Exempt & Complying Development) Codes 2008, and the development standards are met, then a Complying Development Certificate can be issued.

After a Complying Development Certificate has been issued, a Principal Certifier (PC) must be appointed.

At least two days’ written notice must be provided to Council and the Principal Certifier, before commencing building works.

If you are requiring a Complying Development Certificate for your upcoming residential building project, please contact us today.


This video by NSW Department of Planning and Environment briefly explains Complying Development.