Building Code Reports

BCA Reports

A BCA compliance audit report may be required to support an application to Council for a Building Information Certificate.

A Building Information Certificate is often sought in situations where unauthorised building work has occurred.

A Building Information Certificate (formerly known as a Building Certificate) prevents Council from issuing an Order for a period of 7 years. Only Council have the authority to issue a Building Information Certificate, they cannot be issued by Accredited Certifiers.

To ensure that Council have accurate information to assist with assessing an application for a Building Information Certificate, Councils will often require a Building Code (BCA) compliance audit report to be provided from an appropriately qualified person. A BCA Report provides Council with the facts, and specifies the level of compliance of a building or structure with the Building Code of Australia.

Our Certifiers have an in-depth knowledge of the Building Code of Australia, otherwise known as the National Construction Code (NCC).

We produce high quality BCA compliance audit reports that can be submitted to a local Council with an application  for a Building Information Certificate.


As our accreditation is restricted to domestic residential building work, we provide BCA Reports for Class 1a & 10a buildings only. We do not provide BCA reports for Class 2-9 commercial buildings.

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